56007 Control HQ-BWG VS520SZ P1(2)P2(2)BlOzLt 5.5kW230v

Control, HQ-BWG VS520SZ, P1(2),P2(2),Bl,Oz,Lt, 5.5kW,230v
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group
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SKU: 58-355-1804
Manufacturer part number: 56007
Balboa Water Group VS520SZ Control System

  • 115/230v Pump 1 circuit
  • 115/230v Pump 2 circuit
  • 115/230v Pump 3 or Blower circuit
  • 115/230v Ozone circuit
  • 115/230v Circ Pump circuit (30GPM minimum)
  • 5.5kW heater
  • 12v spa light circuit
  • Patented M7™ technology (sensors included)
  • Plumb on pressure or vacuum side
  • Component cords sold separately
  • Control panel included : NONE
  • US & Canadian safety approvals

The Value Series (VS) family of Hot Tub Control Systems were designed using Balboa's patented M7™ temperature and flow sensor technology and a new universal control platform. The systems have a plastic enclosure to eliminate water intrusion. Connectors are built onto the circuit board minimizing wires and simplifying service. This model is compatible with the Serial Standard panel only, and must be powered by a dedicated 230v supply.

Control Box Dimensions