ES8748-B Equip System HQ ES8748-B 11kW 2.0hp WW Executive

Equip System, HQ ES8748-B, 11kW 2.0hp, WW Executive
Manufacturer: HYDROQUIP
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SKU: 58-355-2552
Manufacturer part number: ES8748-B

Features include M7™ technology equipped, 11KW heater assembly, Waterway Hi-Flo Pump, 115v/230v ozone circuit, 115v light circuit, 115v/230v blower circuit, Smart Freeze protection, Paint-Lock rust proof enclosure, and a 2 year warranty. 58-355-4160 topside and 59-355-3054 extension cable included.

NOTE: To maintain UL approval this system requires additional appliances to be connected via approved weather tight conduit.