34-0038D25-D Remote Control Kit Hydro-Quip BES-6000

Remote Control Kit, Hydro-Quip BES-6000
Manufacturer: HYDROQUIP
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SKU: 58-355-2194
Manufacturer part number: 34-0038D25-D
Hydro-Quip BES Remote Control Kit
3 button topside used specifically with Hydro-Quip Baptismal equipment systems. The topside features heater ready, heater on, and drain indicator lights, a thermostat and LED display. This kit is optional and not necessary to make the BES-6000 work.
  • Kit Includes:
  • Remote topside control with overlay and 25ft temperature sensor and 25ft power cord
  • 25ft of air tubing
  • 2"s x 2"s x 1/2"fpt pvc tee
  • 2 ea. 2"spg x 1-1/2"s Reducers
  • Strain relief fitting for temp probe