0607-005008 Topside Gecko In.k450 7-Button 3-Output LCD w/o Overlay

Topside, Gecko In.k450, 7-Button, 3-Output, LCD, w/o Overlay
Manufacturer: Gecko
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: 58-337-2048
Manufacturer part number: 0607-005008
Dimensions 2-7/8" x 7-1/8"

Aeware by Gecko introduces the newest control panel featuring a large LCD display and raised keys that let users control all in.xm and in.xe functions and programming directly from the spaside. in.k450 comes in an easy to install waterproof plastic enclosure with replaceable label and is robustly designed to maximize the spa user's experience.

Overlay part number 58-337-1922