0201-007044 Topside Gecko TSC/K-4 10 Button Lg Rec LCD w/o Overlay

Topside, Gecko TSC/K-4, 10 Button, Lg Rec, LCD, w/o Overlay
Manufacturer: Gecko
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: 58-337-2004
Manufacturer part number: 0201-007044
Dimensions 3-1/4”x7”

This TSC-4/K-4 control panel will work with MSPA systems set up with three pumps and will control three (3) pumps and an air blower. This panel features 10 buttons, a Real time clock, an LCD display, and comes with a 10ft cord. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with the above topside: 59-337-1250, 59-337-1260

Overlay part number 58-337-1914