54094 Topside HQ-BWG Eco 401P1/Bl/Lt/TempRectangle7ftLCD

Topside, HQ-BWG Eco 401,P1/Bl/Lt/Temp,Rectangle,7ft,LCD
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group
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SKU: 58-355-4191
Manufacturer part number: 54094
HydroQuip/Balboa Eco 401(Lite Duplex) Spaside Control

This topside control is made for use on Hydro-Quip Platinum Series 6501B and 6502B systems. It will also work on Balboa VS500Z and VS501Z systems. It has a 7ft cord with an 8 wire phone jack style plug and comes with an overlay. Buttons layout is: Blower, Jets, Temp, Light. LCD display.