51676 Topside HQ-BWG VL403/Lite Duplex Digital P1BlLt

Topside, HQ-BWG VL403/Lite Duplex Digital, P1,Bl,Lt
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group
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SKU: 58-355-1144
Manufacturer part number: 51676
Lite Duplex Digital
This is a smaller, more compact version of the Deluxe Digital, and operates the same functions. Available in both red LED-type display and easy-to-read LCD display. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with the above topside: 59-138-1005, 59-138-1037, 59-138-1042, 59-138-1045, 59-138-1046, 59-138-1683. 8 Conductor Cable.

Overlay part number 58-138-1279