48-0191-100 Topside Hydro-Quip HT2 with 100 foot Cord

Topside, Hydro-Quip HT2, with 100 foot Cord
Manufacturer: HYDROQUIP
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SKU: 58-355-4145
Manufacturer part number: 48-0191-100
Digital Programmable HT-2 Panel
For use in all Hydro-Quip 8000, 8400, 8600&9400 electronic systems. Features an easy to read liquid crystal display and easy "snug-fit" spaside mounting. Silicone gel encapsulation protects the panel circuitry inside, weather resistant exterior features tactile key response. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with the above topside: 59-355-1101, 59-355-1102, 59-355-1112, 59-355-1115, 59-355-1099, 59-355-1100, 59-355-1105, 59-355-1110